England And Wales Fans Get Into Crazy Street Brawl With Flying Chairs. This Is Why Americans Should Love Soccer

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Andrew Powell Sports and Entertainment Blogger
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This is one of the reasons why Americans should love soccer: the intensity.

The same day that the United States dominated England for a 0-0 win (yes, it was a win) and also when Wales suffered a 2-0 defeat to Iran, fans from both sides were partying Thursday at a Tenerife bar called Revolution.

As I’m sure you can imagine, tensions were running high. England fans were pissed that they lost, Wales fans were pissed that they also lost, and now the two are gearing up for a World Cup rivalry game Nov. 29. On top of that, a massive amount of alcohol was also involved.

Insert chaos.

Here are the top three most hilarious things about this fight:

1. Wait, I Thought They Were On The Same Team?

2. The Bar Stool Headshot Should Have Been The Winner

3. Take Notes, WWE And AEW.

America, this is why you should love soccer. We all love violent movies, we’re all intrigued by a fight when we see one (hell, a lot of us even pull out our phones to record it), a good number of us (like me) like professional wrestling. Don’t we all love to see a brawl break out during a baseball or hockey game? (RELATED: Well, Isn’t This Symbolic: All The U.S. Has To Do Is Take Out Iran To Advance In The World Cup)

I think we do.

I’ve been trying to tell Americans for years that the hype is real with this sport, and if we can get more interested and get more people (and money) involved, we’d become a powerhouse. We’d be up there with Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, England… Well, never mind about England, we’re already better than them. But you get what I mean.

Soccer — the culture, the swagger, the money, the power, the fan intensity — this is why this game is so beautiful.

Come on, America. Let’s dominate this sport too.