Violent Protests Erupt In Belgium After World Cup Loss


Alexander Pease Contributor
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Fiery protests lit up downtown Brussels on Sunday after Morocco defeated Belgium’s national soccer team in a 2-0 shutout at the World Cup the same day, according to video footage and reports.

After Belgium’s World Cup loss, rioters set electric scooters ablaze, threw bricks at other automotive vehicles, flipped a vehicle over and set it on fire, according to The New York Times (NYT). The NYT called the loss “surprising.”

Brussels police deployed water cannon units and employed tear gas to quell the chaos, detaining dozens of people in the process, according to AP News. It remains unclear whether any arrests have been made.

While some rioters sported masks, others wore Moroccan flags, CNN reported. It is uncertain whether rival fans started the protests, according to the NYT.  (RELATED: Well, Isn’t This Symbolic: All The U.S. Has To Do Is Take Out Iran To Advance In The World Cup)

“The police are doing everything they can to maintain public order,” Brussels Mayor Philippe Close said in a statement, the outlet reported.

One person suffered injuries, the NYT continued, citing spokeswoman for the Brussels police, Ilse Van de Keere.

Antwerp, Belgium, also experienced violent riots after the game, according to the outlet.