Jason Momoa Slammed By Locals In His Hometown In Hawaii After Film Crew Shuts Down Farmer’s Market

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Jason Momoa upset local residents on Hawaii’s big island after his film crew requested to shut down the Kaimu Farmer’s Market for two consecutive Saturdays in December, leaving 76 vendors without income or compensation.

Momoa was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and is known to boast about his homeland on his social media outlets, often ending his Instagram posts by writing his signature “Aloha j” at the end of his captions. Locals in the region, however, aren’t feeling the love  and are frustrated by Momoa’s apparent lack of consideration for those that rely on local markets to make ends meet, according to TMZ. His Apple TV + production titled “Chief of War” has allegedly blocked locals from earning much-needed holiday income.

“We were not given a choice,” the manager of the farmer’s market said, according to TMZ.

“It hits us farmer’s the worst because we now have no venue to sell eggs, for instance. The chickens keep laying whether we have a market or not,” the manager of the market told TMZ.

Fans have taken to the market’s Facebook page in an effort to find a solution, with some suggesting the market open to feed the film crew. Others are expressing their frustration over the situation and are slamming the famous actor for causing such difficulties while posting about his love for the region. (RELATED: A Flock Of Sheep Takes Over Tom Cruise’s Film Set In England)


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Some of the vendors impacted by the blackout dates have suggested that the film crew should compensate them for their lost revenue. Whether or not the studio and production company have paid the owners of the market to use their space is unclear, according to TMZ.

Momoa hasn’t directly commented on the matter.