MSNBC Correspondent Shocked People Have Pictures Of Former President

[Screenshot MSNBC Morning Joe]

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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MSNBC correspondent Vaughn Hillyard seemed shocked Monday when discussing how some supporters of former President Donald Trump have pictures of him in their home.

Host Joe Scarborough was talking about Arizona’s elections, in which Democrats won both the senate and gubernatorial seats. Scarborough said Republicans catered to more far-right sects of the party and caused the GOP to lose “elections in Arizona they should have never lost.” (RELATED: Joe Scarborough Claims Republicans Who Have Bent The Knee For Trump Just Aren’t Doing It Now)

“I think we have to understand that there is a loyalty and a fealty to Donald Trump that transcends the normal politics that you or I have been acquainted with over the last year since you’ve worked in politics, since I’ve covered it here,” Hillyard said. “There is a loyalty to this man who is the leader of this movement. There are folks with pictures of this man in their home.”

“Donald Trump is more than a political party and when you are talking to voters around this country or even go on a drive whether it be upstate New York, whether it be rural Arizona, you see Trump 2024 flags outside.”

Hillyard then said that Republicans continually use immigration as a talking point. Scarborough then chimed in and said illegal immigration at the Southern border is a major issue and should have worked for Republicans.

“My god, you would have thought it would have worked in 2022 because illegal immigration in the southern border is crazy right now if you go to the southern border,” Scarborough exclaimed. “There is such a humanitarian crisis there and the numbers are just unbelievable and yet a Democrat wins the Senate race. A Democrat wins the governor’s race.”