Martha MacCallum Slams Biden For Taking ‘Victory Lap’ On Railroad Situation As Strike Looms

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Fox News’ Martha MacCallum slammed President Joe Biden on Monday for taking a premature “victory lap” on the looming railroad strike.

“In the face of an impending railroad workers’ strike — this is an issue that President Biden took a victory lap on for solving it right before the election, and now it is apparently very not solved,” MacCallum said during the broadcast.

Biden struck a tentative deal with two major railway unions in September, a move which allowed his administration to avoid supply chain disruptions and economic consequences before the midterm elections. All 12 unions involved in the negotiations must agree to the new deal in order to avoid a strike. While eight unions have voted for the deal, four have voted against it, according to Fox News, raising concerns of potential supply-chain disruptions just before the holidays.