‘1923’ Trailer Is Nonstop, Heart-Pounding History Like We’ve Never Seen Before


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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The trailer for “1923” just dropped, and it appears to be the most violent, insanity-filled incarnation of the “Yellowstone” franchise to-date.

From start-to-finish, the trailer for “1923” tells everything and nothing about this next installment of the Sheridan-verse’s hit franchise. We’re finally introduced to the Dutton roles portrayed by Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford, and the trailer suggests that these two ancestors of the “Yellowstone” Duttons are carrying on the tradition of being tough as nails, brutal to their enemies, and respected by all.

Ford’s portrayal of Jacob Dutton is inherently close to that of Kevin Costner in the trailer, but the craziest part for me was Mirren’s accent. I’m not sure quite exactly what it’s supposed to be, maybe Scottish or Irish, but my goodness does it turn her into the most terrifying matriarch. You can almost see the origins of the notorious Beth Dutton in her every move.

Aside from these two heavy-hitters, the trailer is packed full of familiar faces to the entertainment world. But even without the largely British star-studded cast, the attention to detail, the drama, and the adrenaline is enough to capture anyone’s undivided attention.

The difference between the scenery and journey of “1883” and “1923” shows just how rapidly we’ve evolved this nation. I’m excited to see more of those historical details, as well as how creator Taylor Sheridan and his writing team navigate the atrocities of those imprisoned in Native American boarding schools.  (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Casts Three Faces Many Viewers Have Seen For His New CIA Drama)

My only fear is that this season will be inherently similar to the season five story of “Yellowstone,” just one nonstop fight to protect the Dutton’s ownership of the ranch. It’s the intricacies that will determine where “1923” will fall on the rating scale as compared to Sheridan’s other epic sagas.

“1923” premieres on Paramount+, December 18.