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Immigrant 8-figure Entrepreneur Marian Esanu’s Inspirational Journey

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The trust and satisfaction of customers are pivotal to any brand’s success. Recent studies and statistics reveal that thousands of businesses fail annually owing to several reasons. Had these businesses worked on a tried and tested modus operandi, they would’ve had better chances of survival in this cut-throat competitive digital economy. An 8-figure entrepreneur, Marian Esanu is a successful businessman who aims to impact the lives of a million people. He envisions doing this by sharing the tips he learned during his challenging journey, starting from $500 to building an 8-figure business as an immigrant in the United States.

In 2012, Marian Esanu landed in the United States with his wife and the monetary support of $500 for sustenance. During this testing time, he chose to believe in the greater good and started doing everything possible to save money. Driven by his passion for creating a financially comfortable life, Marian Esanu worked two to three jobs parallelly with no breaks. He invested his time in understanding the culture, language, and eccentricities of the people around him. This knowledge helped him build trust among his peers and recognise the factors that could help him during his career as an entrepreneur.

Eventually, his determination and resilience during challenging times helped him save $20,000. With this amount, he started his first business by purchasing a truck. He transported fitness equipment for several small and large companies. In the initial months, he learned a lot from his setbacks. With his wit and business acumen, his transportation business turned into a 7-figure concierge company in merely two years.

As he recalls his journey, Marian Esanu believes that the biggest challenge he faced was in terms of his mindset. “I tried hard, every day, by pushing myself to do more than I was capable of. It was a challenging task to shift my mindset from that of an employee to an entrepreneur. But, once I started my first business, there was no turning back regardless of the difficulties I faced.”

Today, Marian Esanu is an 8-figure entrepreneur (awarded by Clickfunnels), podcaster of a popular talk show “Momentum”, entrepreneur, and a personal branding strategist. Through his journey, he wishes to encourage millions of people to become the best versions of themselves.

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