REPORT: Locals Discover Remains Of Boy After Crocodile Beheads Him In Front Of His Parents

Not the crocodile described in the story (Credit: Shutterstock/Audrey Snider-Bell)

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A month after a crocodile decapitated an 8-year-old boy near his home in Costa Rica, a hunter killed it and found the remains inside the animal’s stomach, according to a report.

A crocodile lunged at Julio Otero Fernández around Oct. 30 when the 8-year-old was standing in knee-deep water in the Matina River in Limón, The Tico Times reported.(RELATED: Shocking Footage Captures Crocodile Dragging Dead Man’s Maimed Body Through Lagoon)

“It shook him (the child) and ripped off his little head,” an eyewitness told The New York Post. “Then it grabbed him again and dragged him under.”

Julio’s parents, Don Julio Otero and Margini Fernández Flores, saw the crocodile maul their child. Don and Margini were on a fishing trip with their five children and other relatives. Don said the crocodile came back holding his son’s body in his mouth. The police refused to shoot the animal because they did not have authority to open fire, La Nacion reported.

“I feel abandoned by the authorities,” Otero added. “An animal is worth more than a human being, that’s what I’ve felt.”

“The hardest thing for my wife was seeing the crocodile float away with my son’s body,” Otero told Daily Mail.

Don, Margini, and their four children plan to return to their home country of Nicaragua to stay away from crocodiles, The New York Post reported. They had moved to Costa Rica to work on a banana plantation.