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The Thicccest Big Cat on the Planet Comes to a Whiskey Bottle Near You in 2023

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As the old saying goes, “New year, new me.” But what does that mean? For most people, it’s simply a chance to start fresh and set some goals for the coming year. But why not take things one step further and treat yourself to something new? For example, with a glass of fine, smooth, rich, full-bodied Tiger Thiccc whiskey.

As Tiger Thiccc’s collaborator, Brendan Schaub, explains, Tiger Thiccc is a perfect blend of Japanese Whisky and Indiana Bourbon that offers a premium experience for a fraction of the price. Whether you’re enjoying a quiet night at home or ringing in the new year with friends, this premium whiskey will surely help you celebrate in style.

“Tiger Thiccc may not be a $ 500-a-bottle brand, but it drinks like one,” says Brendan Schaub. “The main “culprit” is the Japanese Whisky component of the blend that aged in special mizunara oak barrels produce satin-smooth whiskies with an abundance of classic wood characteristics.”

As he further explains, everything special about any whiskey comes from the aging process. The distilled liquid is almost tasteless and clear as water when it comes out of the distillery. And if it were sold like that, it would only be attractive to some.

However, the whiskey manufacturers figured long ago that the distilled liquid is prone to absorbing the stored flavors from the containers.

After the great revelation and some experimentation, they ensured the careful preparation of every distilled batch and one-of-a-kind blend in mizunara barrels. For example, Scotch and Irish whisky take around ten years to develop the flavor associated with good quality whiskey.

Still, Brendan Schaub points out that a higher age number comes with a higher price tag. But as a huge whiskey lover, Schaub wanted to extend the enjoyment and premium incredible taste that whiskey can offer to every person for an affordable price.

That’s how his experimentation process began. Schaub carefully selected different types of whiskeys and whiskies from around the world and started to mix until he found the perfect combination that Tiger Thiccc whiskey is today.

With its smooth, rich flavor and distinctively thick appearance, Tiger Thiccc is like nothing else on the market. As Schaub points out, it can be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it can be mixed into cocktails, adding that smooth, rich, and full-bodied component and enhancing the drink.

“For me, whiskey is a drink for any occasion, but I love to stock up during the winter. Not only is it a great way to beat the winter blues, but it’s also perfect for adding a little extra warmth to your favorite cocktails,” he says. “From hot toddies to whiskey sours, whiskey will help you stay nice and cozy all winter long.”