Woman Found Decapitated Inside Philadelphia Home, Police Say


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Police say they are investigating the murder of a woman who was found decapitated in a Northeast Philadelphia home Tuesday afternoon.

Responding to a call about a domestic incident at the home just before 1 p.m., police arrived to a gruesome scene, CBS News reported. “Upon arrival, we found a witness as well as a victim laying on the floor inside as a result of discussion with a witness we identified a person of interest,” Inspector Michael McCarrick said, according to the outlet.

That person of interest is Ahmad Shareef, whom police say is the woman’s husband, according to CBS News. He fled the home covered in blood and was found hiding several blocks away, CBS News reported, citing investigators. The 34-year-old was arrested and charged with murder, abuse of a corpse and possessing an instrument of crime in what police are calling a domestic homicide, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Neighbors described the victim as a quiet, friendly woman, but told CBS News multiple adults and children lived in the home and that police had been called to the home many times since the occupants moved in.

“Constant, constant drama for this house,” neighbor Nyjha Richardson said. “The yellow house, it’s the worst house on the block. Now it’s like a house of horrors.”

Another neighbor who asked to remain anonymous agreed the house was a “constant source of chaos,” and claimed the residents were Syrian immigrants who had moved in seven years prior, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. (RELATED: REPORT: Police Arrest Ohio Homeowner After Finding Body Wrapped In Plastic)

“The man is unhinged and he’s terrifying and I’m very happy that now he’s not around but I’m disgusted it took this much,” Richardson told the outlet, reportedly speaking about Shareef.

Shareef is being held without bail, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.