College Basketball Coach Goes Absolutely Berserk After Soft Call And Charges The Referee


Seth Roy Contributor
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The head coach of the Vanderbilt men’s basketball team needed to be escorted off the court by police Wednesday after charging an official.

Former NBA player Jerry Stackhouse lost his cool after senior Liam Robbins of the Commodores received a technical foul for doing the “on his head” celebration when threw down a huge dunk on an VCU player. 

In the timeout following the technical, Stackhouse went berserk. He allegedly dropped f-bombs at the referee, who gave Robbins the tech, and then ultimately rushed at him as if he wanted to get physical. Stackhouse was ejected from the game, and it took many coaches and security officials to restrain him.

I can understand Stackhouse’s frustration with Robbins’ technical, but lunging at a ref puts him completely in the wrong. He acted like a wild animal, and I’m afraid if it weren’t for other people holding him back, he would’ve put his hands on the referee. (RELATED: Ben Simmons To Miss Time With Injury. Is He Already Washed Up?)

You’d imagine that a D1 coach and a former professional athlete like Stackhouse would hold his emotions together. Even though the call was bogus, considering how frequently basketball players do the head tapping celebration, there’s no need to get this mad.

Stackhouse looked pretty foolish in this situation and deserves to be suspended for rushing at an official who was just trying to keep sportsmanship intact.