‘Art’ Project For Elites Ranks People By Wealth For All To See

Twitter/Screenshot/public user: Joel Franco

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Attendees of the Art Basel event in Miami, Florida, have been hesitant to place their debit cards into an ATM machine after it reportedly started “ranking” them by how much money they had in their accounts, a Thursday video revealed.

The cruel elitist game allegedly read event-goers’ bank information and then displayed their names and bank statements, a video showed. The machine then compared the data to other people at the “art” event and ranked them from highest to lowest based on how much money is in the account. The ATM also seemingly took a photo of each unsuspecting machine user and then placed the portrait next to the respective name and account information, the video demonstrated. (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: There Is ‘Tolerance For Pedophilia’ Among Society’s Most Powerful)

The high score sat at a relatively smallish $2.99M, according to a later tweet.

After supposed stagnation as people feared where the machine would rank them in respect to their peers, two men stepped up to bat, getting ranked 21 and 36 on the leaderboard.

Brooklyn art collective MSCHF allegedly developed the machine, CNN reported.

“‘ATM Leaderboard’ is an extremely literal distillation of wealth-flaunting impulses… From its conception, we had mentally earmarked this work for a location like Miami Basel, a place where there is a dense concentration of people renting Lamborghinis and wearing Rolexes. These are analogous implicit gestures to the ATM Leaderboard’s explicit one,” company co-founder Daniel Greenberg told the outlet in an emailed statement.