‘Abortion Is Forever Motherf***er’: Protester Disrupts Banquet For DC Crisis Pregnancy Center

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Abortion protesters disrupted the Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center Annual Banquet on Thursday during Executive Director Janet Durig’s speech.

A video posted on Twitter by LiveAction ambassador Christina Herrera shows a woman standing up from her chair and yelling, “abortion is forever motherfucker” and “you have blood on your hands.” (RELATED: ‘It Actually Feels A Lot Like A Childbirth’ Reporter Whispers As NPR Airs Abortion Procedure On Air)

The same woman shouted, “you are judging those who are attempting to receive medical healthcare,” as seen in another video.

“That is blood on your fucking hands, every last motherfucker one of you assholes,” she continued.

Another video shows a male being escorted out and yelling, “you don’t give a fuck about pregnant people.”

The protests occurred as Durig discussed heightened security risks that started earlier in the year, according to Carolina Lumetta. The Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center was splattered with red paint and marked with the words, “Jane Says Revenge” in graffiti in June. The center’s windows also appeared to have been egged. (RELATED: Has The FBI Arrested Any Suspects In 150 Attacks On Pro-Life Groups And Churches?)

The Capitol Hill Crisis Pregnancy Center is a nonprofit that provides ongoing pregnancy support, including baby clothing and supplies, prenatal and parenting classes and medical, legal, adoption, and housing referrals.