Deion Sanders Told Colorado Players To Join Transfer Portal Because He’s Bringing His Own ‘Luggage’ After Being Hired

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Deion Sanders, who was officially announced as the next head coach for the University of Colorado Dec. 4, is such a boss.

While in Boulder for the announcement, Sanders spoke to the media and also took some time out to talk with his new players as well.

He made it very clear to his new team: He’s bringing in his own talent, so hit the transfer portal if you need to.

“It ain’t gonna be no more of a mess that these wonderful fans, the student body and some of your parents have put up with for probably two decades now. I’m coming, and when I get here, it’s gonna be changed,” Sanders said to all of the Colorado players, according to the USA Today. “So I want y’all to get ready to go ahead and jump in the portal and do whatever you’re gonna get because if more of you jump in, the more room you make.”

To make this whole thing even more hilarious, and something that made Deion Sanders even more of a boss in my eyes, is the fact that his quarterback is going to be his son, Shedeur Sanders.

Then you have this gem of a quote: “I’m bringing my own luggage with me, and it’s Louis.”

And you know he will with the talent that he pulled in at Jackson State while head coach. (RELATED: Florida State Fan Burns Autographed Deion Sanders FSU Jersey After Travis Hunter Commits To Jackson State)

Give it three or four years, and Colorado will be a powerhouse. I guarantee it.

Everything Deion Sanders touches turns to gold; this won’t be any different.

Such a boss, such a legend.