You Simply Have To See Netflix’s Haunting New Docuseries On ‘The Texas Killing Fields’


Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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If you do one thing this week, it should be to binge Netflix’s “Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields.”

The three-part series was released in late November, and chronicles decades of gruesome and largely unsolved murders of women along the I-45 corridor from Houston to Galveston. The first episode focuses on one field off a dirt road in League City, Texas, where at least four bodies of young women were dumped in the 1980s and 1990s.

From here, the story starts to snowball until it becomes abundantly clear that at least one, if not countless serial-killing murderous men were and may continue to use this particular area of Texas as their own personal hunting ground, and no one other than the victims and a handful of law enforcement officers care enough to do anything.

The documentary is, technically speaking, very good. Beyond the technicalities of cinematography and storytelling, it is arguably one of the most important stories of domestic terrorism that has plagued this and every other society since the dawn of time.

One of the few things almost all murder and serial killer documentaries fail to emphasize is that the murder of young women by men is so prevalent within Western society that it could be classified as a normal part of our lived experience. How disgusting is that?

“Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields” is one of the first documentaries to finally tell this haunting truth without sexualizing or glorifying the violence.

The most moving part of the entire story is that of Tim Miller, the father of one of the victims who has spent every day since his daughter’s murder helping the families of missing women and children find their loved ones. (RELATED: Men Will Love Apple TV+’s ‘Echo 3.’ Women Will Absolutely Hate It)

I don’t want to go too into the weeds of Miller’s story, as the documentary does a far better job than I ever could. But let’s just say that if all men were like Tim Miller, this planet would be a bastion of nothing but greatness, kindness, and humility. Women could walk down their driveways without fear. Men would be able to admit when they were wrong, and learn from their mistakes. It’s a beautiful dream, but that might be all it will ever be if we keep failing to raise our sons to be men, and taking every single abuser of women and children off our streets forever.

You can watch the trailer here, and the show is currently available on Netflix.