Jamie Dimon Says His ‘Handlers’ Tell Him ‘Don’t Give Them That Stupid Headline,’ Avoids Recession Question

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon refused to say Tuesday whether the U.S. was headed toward a recession in 2023, saying his handlers told him to avoid answering that type of question.

“So, Jamie Dimon says: yes, there will be a recession in 2023, or no, there will not be?” CNBC co-host Joe Kernan asked Dimon.

“This is exactly what all my handlers out there say, ‘Don’t give them that stupid headline,'” Dimon replied, prompting laughter from the panel. “So I’m not gonna do it.”

Dimon then pointed to someone off stage and said, “See?”

“So what are we supposed to say, then? Jamie Dimon said there’s … ?” Kernen probed. (RELATED: ‘That Would Be The Road To Hell For America’: Jamie Dimon Responds To Rep. Tlaib Challenging Big Bank On Fossil Fuels)

“America is extraordinary. Those of you who travel the world all the folks out here, you come back to this country and you look at the innovation, the growth, the universities … we could do a lot of things that grow this country,” Dimon responded.

Dimon then went on to discuss the importance of fostering job growth and other steps that could be taken to help grow the economy.

While Dimon stopped short of predicting a recession, he has warned in recent weeks that the economy could be headed toward one. Dimon said in October that “Europe is already in [a] recession,” and the U.S. is likely headed toward “some kind of recession six to nine months from now.” Dimon’s prediction came while discussing interest rate hikes.

Dimon also warned in June that Americans should “brace” themselves for an economic “hurricane.” Dimon cited the war in Ukraine combined with rising inflation and rising interest rates.

In July, a GDP report found that the economy had shrunk for two consecutive quarters, prompting some observers to claim that the U.S. had already entered a recession.