Tom Brady Got Pissed, Sparked A Double-Digit Comeback Win And Now The Entire NFL Is Doomed

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Uh oh. The NFL is about to be run through by Tom Brady … again.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints squared off Dec. 5 in a Monday Night Football contest, with the Buccaneers pulling off the 17-16 comeback win that was sparked by Tom Brady’s rage.

Heading into the fourth quarter, Tampa Bay was struggling incredibly, down 16-3. With the way that Brady and the Buccaneers offense failed to do anything in the first three quarters, it appeared that they were on their way to a losing 5-7 record, further pushing them out of playoff contention.

And then, Tom Brady snapped.

And what happens when Tom Brady snaps like this?

He usually rolls all over the entire National Football League from there.

The first victim: the New Orleans Saints. Here we go.

After spazzing out, Tom Brady then transformed into the real Tom Brady, and bless their heart, it was over for the Saints from there. Brady and the Bucs started pulling off clutch play after clutch play, with the G.O.A.T. playing hero, again and ultimately getting the victory with an 11-play grind-out drive with less than three minutes on the clock.

And he got the whole team involved too, including big plays from Julio Jones, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Rachaad White and Scotty Miller, making this entire situation even scarier for the NFL.

And then we got happy Tom Brady again.

We’ve seen this in years (and even weeks) past, where Tom Brady will get really pissed off about something and just outright snap. And when he does, he rolls all over the league from there and wins a Super Bowl. And if he doesn’t win the Super Bowl, he gets pretty damn close. (RELATED: Lamar Jackson Suffers Devastating Knee Injury During Win. Will The Ravens Still Be Able To Contend?)

I’ve seen enough. Here we go again. Tom Brady is about to win his eight championship ring here in a couple of months.

I mean, honestly, how do you defeat a man who has this as an X-ray?

The entire NFL is doomed.