Kenny Smith Launches All 300+ Pounds Of Shaquille O’Neal Into Christmas Tree On Live TV

Screenshot/Twitter/NBA on TNT

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Former NBA player Kenny Smith launched basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal into a giant Christmas tree on “NBA on TNT” Tuesday.

The hysterically funny scene unfolded as O’Neal attempted to race Smith to the show’s big board. Smith angled into O’Neal while running and gave him a shove that sent 325-pound O’Neal snailing right into a huge Christmas tree. O’Neal was dressed in a suit and tie and could be seen careening into the tree sideways before nearly half his body disappeared underneath it. The bottom portion of his legs and his shoes were the only visible parts of the seven-foot-one athlete.

O’Neal’s entire upper body remained under the tree for several moments with his legs flailing about. He could be heard laughing while caught in the evergreen.

Bystanders rushed to his aid and lent a hand, helping O’Neal crawl out from underneath the tree. He emerged surrounded by oversized gifts and covered in the trees needles as he was assisted back onto the set of the show. (RELATED: Former Laker Devean George Squashes Shaquille O’Neal Poop Rumor)

The professional athlete handled the situation like a true champion. He laughed at what had just occurred and his cohorts joined in by smiling and laughing about O’Neal’s unfortunate crash-landing.

“All right, Kenny. This means war, Kenny!” he said as he brushed himself off and walked across the stage.

O’Neal has yet to strike back against Kenny, and fans are tuned in to see if this becomes an ongoing prank war.