The Legendary Joey Chestnut Admits To Pooping Himself During An Eating Competition

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: @WillBurge]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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Joey Chestnut is a legend, both for his eating and for his honesty.

Taking part in a quick 90-second interview with Barstool Sports’ Will Burge, competitive food eating champion Joey Chestnut revealed he once “sharted” (pooped) during an eating competition.

The interview took place after Chestnut devoured 47 of whatever the hell they were eating at a Cleveland Cavaliers game Tuesday:

If you don’t know who Joey Chestnut is, well, you should be ashamed of yourself. This legend is a true icon, being a 15-time Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest champion, while also holding the record for the most hot dogs eaten at the competition, with 76 in 10 minutes. Overall, Chestnut holds 55 world records in 55 different “disciplines.”

This dude is the Michael Jordan of competitive food eating. He’d probably say LeBron James, but I’m riding with Michael, because both are the greatest of all time in their respective sports. A LeBron comparison would just demean the legend of Chestnut and make him seem like some egotistical dude whom everybody hates.

And this guy deserves so much more than that:

This is how you know I’m a sports nut, because I look forward to this competition every 4th of July — it’s totally an annual thing with me. Plus, my kids like it, so it’s another way to hang out with them. (RELATED: Joe Biden’s Brittney Griner Move Is The Most Interesting WNBA Trade Since, Well, Forever)

Also, they give a championship belt to the winner.

And who doesn’t love championship belts?