After Failing To Get Signed In The Regular Season, OBJ Now Says There’s No ‘Point’ In It Like A Rejected Girlfriend

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You have to give it to Odell Beckham, Jr.: He’s as entertaining off the field as he is on it.

Currently a free agent, Odell Beckham Jr. has had visits with the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys and Buffalo Bills, but he’s failed to land a deal with any of them, and it appears we now know why: nobody wants him.

Appearing on Prime Video’s and LeBron James’ “TNF in The Shop,” which is a Manningcast-style Thursday Night Football stream centered around the so-called “king,” Beckham completely changed his tune after originally trying to get signed in the middle of the regular season. Now saying that he doesn’t “see the point,” he’s now claiming that he would rather just play for somebody when the playoffs come.

“I haven’t made a decision, and for me, I would like to be in a stable environment, get up at 6 a.m., leave at 6 p.m. for four weeks, and then let’s talk about it,” said Beckham. “I’ve played football for a long time. I’m not saying that I couldn’t step in and play regular season, but I don’t see the point. I really don’t. I would rather play when the pressure is on.”

I’m sorry, but that man is straight up lying as far as I see it.

You can’t tell me that he wasn’t attempting to get signed with the big nationwide tour that he took, and not to mention the hype surrounding him and the Cowboys, that he helped create, by the way. Oh, and you’ve also got the fact that he’s been telling his driver that he’s re-signing with the Giants, which he just used as Instagram clout.

And now, OBJ is in a situation where we all see that he’s obviously backtracking. (RELATED: Deion Sanders Lands First Five-Star Recruit As Head Coach Of Colorado)

Dallas wasn’t happy with what they saw with his health, and New York and Buffalo — from the looks of it — didn’t want him either. We all know the deal here, OBJ: nobody wants you, and now you’re sounding like a rejected girlfriend.

“Playoffs” … Ha!

Stop cappin’.