Kelly Clarkson’s Home Is Allegedly Targeted By Another Stalker, And This One Came In A Semi-Truck

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Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Kelly Clarkson filed for a temporary restraining order against a man who allegedly keeps showing up at her house in a semi-truck, days after she obtained one to keep an obsessed woman away.

Clarkson seems to be targeted by stalkers in recent weeks, and the famous talk show host and superstar singer isn’t taking any chances. TMZ reported she obtained a restraining order against a female stalker during the first week of December, and now she is taking firm action against named Victor Fernandez by filing legal documents to keep him off her property. Clarkson is seeking protection for her family, her nanny and her house manager through her request for a restraining order against Fernandez, according to TMZ.

Clarkson alleged Fernandez made numerous unwelcome visits to her home, and has even shown up on her property in a semi-truck, according to TMZ. Michael Lopez, the head of security for Clarkson, alleged that Fernandez first made his presence known at Clarkson’s property by showing up on her property three times on Thanksgiving. He came in the semi-truck and also showed up on foot. Lopez alleges that Fernandez rang the doorbell and claimed he was there to visit the star, according to TMZ.

Court documents filed by Clarkson’s attorney Ed McPherson revealed that Lopez also reported seeing Fernandez at Clarkson’s home on foot Dec. 3. He allegedly spoke to Clarkson’s staff and told them she had asked to meet with him, but Clarkson claims to have no idea who he is, according to TMZ.(RELATED: REPORT: Famous Singer Jack Johnson Takes Legal Action Against Alleged Female Stalker)

Another security agent, Ludwin Munoz, claimed he spoke with Fernandez through the camera system during his visit in December. Munoz said Fernandez became irritated and confused when he was denied entry. “This is the second time she has done this … unless I am speaking to a scammer or something,” Fernandez allegedly said, according to TMZ.

Fernandez has also been accused of taking photos of the family SUV when Clarkson’s nanny pulled up with the star’s children. Court documents indicate police were immediately contacted and a police report was filed, according to TMZ.

Court documents indicate Clarkson is seeking to keep Fernandez at least 100 yards away from her home, workplace, car and her children’s school.