‘Is That My Stripper Name?: Local News Broadcast Goes Off The Rails

Screenshot/Global News/Twitter

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Things got wild Monday when local news anchors in Calgary gave their reporter an ‘elf name’ during a holiday segment.

Global News Calgary gave their viewers more than they bargained for when their anchor Dallas Flexhaug gave her colleague Linda Horton the name “Peaches Cookie Fingers,” only to have her reply by saying, “Ok what? Is that my stripper name?” Horton was on location as part of the ‘Morning of Giving’ segment and clearly hadn’t heard the part that explained this was her elf name. Her state of confusion led to a hysterically funny exchange as she continued to add unnecessary sexual innuendos to the conversation during her epic on-air train wreck.

Dallas tried to help Horton recover by repeating “Christmas elf, Christmas elf,” and Horton appeared visibly embarrassed by her error. She began laughing uncontrollably at her misinterpretation of the story, and then just when it seemed she couldn’t mess this up any more, she managed to fumble yet again.

“Peaches Sticky Fingers?” Horton asked her colleagues, amid bursts of laughter.

Blake Lough and Flexhaug began laughing hysterically and both turned around to try to conceal their giggles. They corrected their embarrassed colleague by repeating the elf name, which was far more innocent than Horton’s translation. (RELATED: Megan Fox Claps Back At Haters Who Accuse Her Of Over-Sexualizing Herself)

Horton realized there was no coming back from this sequence of errors and struggled to compose herself on-air. “Everything is fine, everything is fine,” she said as her face turned red and she continued laughing at her mistake.

There was simply no way to recover from this Flexhaug, Lough, and Horton all buried their faces in their hands and gave in to the moment.

Holiday cheer took a new spin for the Global News Calgary morning crew and their viewers.