Irate Woman Calls Comedian ‘Racist.’ It Doesn’t Go Well For Her

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A heckler unsuccessfully attempted to brand comedian Troy Bond as “racist” during his recent standup show.

A woman in the audience accused Bond of racism after he made a joke about voting for President Joe Biden and referred to himself as the “most pro-anti-Trump comic.” He attempted to lighten the mood with more jokes directed at her, but then ordered that she be removed from the premise.


“No, you’re not funny,” the woman said.

“Shut the fuck up,” Bond yelled.

“No, you shut the fuck up. And a white guy trying to talk to black people about—” she said.

As Bond questioned why the woman was protesting, she criticized any black person who laughs at his jokes. As she continued, he motioned security to escort her out of the show. (RELATED: Bill Burr’s Wife Nia Hits Back After The Comedian Is Accused Of Being Racist For Marrying Her) 

“Are you serious?” she asked in response. “You’re white and you’re trying to like, talk about…”

“I don’t know who the fuck you’re mad at, but it’s not me,” Bond said, as a security officer approached her.

“A white person trying to make fun of black people,” she continued.

“See, now you’re crying, and I was just trying to make you laugh,” he said.

“No, don’t do that,” she replied.

The woman further accused Bond of making the “most racist joke ever” for referring to her as Vice President Kamala Harris while the security guard escorted her from the comedy club.

“Have a good night, Kamala Harris,” he said.

“That was the most racist joke ever!” she exclaimed. “Kamala Harris? Are you serious?”

“Don’t drop the scarf, ma’am, that was $3 at Dollar Tree, man,” he said. “Pick up the gun she left under the chair.”

The woman continued yelling “are you serious” as she exited the building.

“At what part was I being racist at?” he asked to a laughing audience after she had been escorted out. “I didn’t even get to my Jim Crow jokes yet. I got black face over here in the trunk, I was ready.”

He then revealed that his father is black and his mother is white, before joking that he did not get to his mixed raced jokes before being accused of racism.

Nicole Silverio

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