Kyler Murray To Miss Remainder Of NFL Season After Tearing His ACL. Will He Bounce Back?

Screenshot/Twitter/Monday Night Football via JamesPalmerTV

Seth Roy Contributor
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Arizona quarterback Kyler Murray will miss the remainder of the NFL season after suffering a torn ACL Monday night against the New England Patriots, according to multiple reports.

Murray suffered the injury without any contact whatsoever. He scrambled away from New England’s pass rush and attempted to make a juke move near the line of scrimmage when his knee gave out.

Murray needed to be carted off the field afterwards.

Considering how talented Murray is, I have tons of confidence that he will bounce back from this injury.

Murray is one of the best dual-threat quarterbacks I have ever seen in my life. Some of the plays he makes on the football field are absurd and leave me speechless. He’s a magician of a quarterback.

There are only a few quarterbacks in the league who can both pass and run the ball effectively like he can.

He has scored over 100 touchdowns since he was drafted first overall in the NFL Draft, according to ESPN. The former Offensive Rookie of the Year winner has also amassed over 2,200 yards rushing the football and has thrown the ball for more than 13,800 yards since entering the league in 2019. (RELATED: Patriots Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor Frantically Tries To Stop Play As DeVante Parker Wobbles From Likely Concussion)

Murray’s recovery may be long but I’m sure he’ll be back making defenses look silly once he’s healthy again.