HART: Biden’s Worst Trade On The World Stage Since His Last Trade

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Ron Hart Ron Hart is a libertarian humorist and author who can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com.
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The arrogance and incompetence of Democrat negotiators continue. Dems’ execution of foreign policy is terribly flawed, especially when done through the entities and interests of Biden, Inc. 

Instead of a valiant Marine held captive in Russia, Biden exchanged one of the most dangerous arms dealers in the world for a woman who openly hates the United States. It is no coincidence that the deal was done a day or so after the Georgia Senate runoff election. Cowardly and politically motivated, the trade stands as the most embarrassing thing Biden has done … until the next thing he does. 

When first I heard the rumors of this deal, I thought it was a joke.  I said, “The trade for Brittney Griner, the WNBA player, was a terrible trade.  The Russian (Bout) is a much better outside shooter and rebounder.”

Democrats are terrible negotiators. Remember the “Obama Five” deal when five Taliban leaders were exchanged for one of our soldiers, a deserter named Bo Bergdahl? Then there was the stupid Iran nuclear deal and the planes full of American cash ($1.7 billion in total) sent by Obama/Biden to pay off the Iranian government for that deal. That was when oil was only $35 a barrel; under the Cheney Doctrine that was too cheap a price to invade Iran. 

As one observer put it, ”Whelan was the wrong race, the wrong gender, the wrong sexual orientation and had even congratulated Trump on his victory. While Griner, a black leftist lesbian celebrity who hated this country, was everything that the left loved…. And left Whelan behind…”

Griner was tortured into her confession. KGB officers played our National Anthem three times in a row, and then she broke. It wasn’t a fair fight. She was also in the Russian penal system, which is a trigger word for her.

She will be safe now; Biden is going to put her in our “witness protection program,” the WNBA, where she will not be seen.

Viktor Bout brokered deals in the Middle East and with terrorist states that hate America and Israel. It is not a bad business model; no one has ever done poorly by investing in the grudges of angry people. 

The only reason Biden would engage in war with Russia is if, when Putin dies, an LGBTQI+ or woman of color is not appointed to head the country. Until then, he will use U.S. money to fund the shakedown efforts of his son and other cronies “for the big guy” in these nefarious countries. They are the money laundromats of the world where Biden, Inc. is entrenched, and thus compromised. 

Trading for lesbian woman Griner is just pandering to the LGBTQI+ community – which already votes 160% for Democrats. What Biden really should have done to help himself was to trade Hunter Biden to Russia. 

“Non-binary crossdresser,” Biden appointee and part-time head of nuclear waste at our Energy Department, Sam Brinton, was charged with stealing women’s luggage for its underwear. If you want to hear his side of the story, he will soon be performing his drag show at an elementary school near you. 

In one of its Pravda-like newspapers, the Biden administration supposedly put out that it offered the “Merchant of Death” for either our Marine, Paul Whelan, or Griner. When later faced with the truth (something they rarely are), Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admitted that negotiators did not try for both, just Griner. And for the record, the “Merchant of Death” is not one of Hillary Clinton’s enforcers. He is a stone-cold arms merchant who will be the source of many deaths in the future. 

An administration that wants to make guns illegal for us just freed one of the most prolific and notorious gun runners in history. 

So, what have we learned here? Life has become easier if one identifies as LGBTQI+one. But I am a contrarian; although it has been a hard few years, I plan to remain a hetero-white male. The way things are going, we are due for a comeback. 

With such an important international negotiation involving a despotic leader like Putin, I am surprised that Biden did not call on the talents of Dennis Rodman, another cross-dresser. Biden would be taken a lot more seriously with Dennis Rodman at the table. 


A libertarian op-ed humorist and award-winning author, Ron does commentary on radio and TV. He can be contacted at Ron@RonaldHart.com or @RonaldHart on Twitter.

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