Major Media Outlets Never Verified Creepy Torture Story Peddled By Disgraced Biden Nuke Official

Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for The Trevor Project

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Amid reports that transgender former nuclear official Sam Brinton is a serial baggage thief, another story is coming into question — one that corporate media outlets repeated but appear to have never verified.

The Energy Department (DOE) fired Brinton on Monday following accusations he had stolen luggage at U.S. airports on at least two separate occasions. Brinton was appointed in February and became the first “gender-fluid” person to hold a federal leadership role. Brinton has come under fire, however, after allegedly stealing a woman’s rolling suitcase at a Minnesota airport in September. He also allegedly took someone’s luggage from the Las Vegas Harry Reid International Airport in July.

While Brinton was once a bright spot for the Biden administration’s unofficial diversity quota, things may not be what they seem. (RELATED: QUAY: Sam Brinton For President)

LGBTQ Nation’s Wayne Besen questioned whether Brinton’s previous allegations of undergoing conversion therapy are actually true.

Brinton said that after coming out to his parents at 11 years old, his father punched him in the face and sent him to conversion therapy.

“Brinton says that they were then sent to a cruel and sadistic Florida conversion therapist, who they saw for two or three years [Brinton’s timeline periodically changes depending on the media interview]. Brinton alleges this practitioner used aversion therapy, which included sessions where they were tortured with extreme heat, ice, and needles,” Besen wrote.

“Is Sam Brinton’s story too good to be true?” Besen questioned.

Besen said Brinton would not provide him with details regarding the therapist’s name or the facility in which the alleged conversion therapy occurred.

“Why was Sam Brinton the only survivor of conversion therapy I’ve encountered since 1998 who refused to answer these questions? Not only had every other survivor provided this information willingly, but they were eager to fight back and shut down their own therapist or ‘ex-gay’ minister,” Besen wrote.

It’s a good point: too many details have been missing from many accounts of Brinton’s past. Take, for example, how NowThisNews’ opinion column covered Brinton’s story.

“Brinton admitted his attraction to men to his father at a young age, and said he then became extremely physically abusive. His parents eventually sent him to undergo conversion therapy,” according to NowThisNews.

The story included a quote from Brinton about the alleged experience, but contained no mention of when or where the purported conversion therapy took place.

NBC News’ Tim Fitzsimmons wrote a story recounting Brinton’s alleged experience in part. The story also lacked details about where or when the incident allegedly occurred.

The Daily Caller contacted NowThisNews, along with NBC News; The New York Times, which published an op-ed by Brinton; NPR’s Leila Fadel and Refinery29’s Kasandra Brabaw, asking how the outlets and reporters verified Brinton’s claims prior to publication.

The Daily Caller has not received a response from any of the aforementioned parties.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi Jr., a licensed therapist and founder of the Reintegrative Therapy Association, said he warned about Brinton’s “ever-changing story about abuse he allegedly underwent in therapy because of his LGBT attractions,” according to the Daily Signal.

“Nobody cared, so Brinton’s testimony about his alleged experience played a key role in banning legitimate practices across the nation,” Nicolosi said.