Patriots Wide Receiver Nelson Agholor Frantically Tries To Stop Play As DeVante Parker Wobbles From Likely Concussion

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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Nelson Agholor is such a G for this.

The New England Patriots and Arizona Cardinals faced off in a Monday Night Football contest Dec. 12. During the game, Patriots wide receiver DeVante Parker suffered a concussion. However, no one realized it, except for his teammate and fellow wide receiver Nelson Agholor.

Late in the first quarter, Parker made a catch, but took a hard fall to the ground after being tackled. After struggling to stand up after the hit, Parker lined up for another play, but wobbled back and forth while getting set .

No one noticed with the exception of Agholor, who immediately started yelling at and waving down the referees to blow the whistle so Parker could be taken out of the game.

What I want to know: How did no one except one person notice him wobbling all over the place?

Even more worrisome, why wasn’t Parker’s concussion spotter all over this?

He should have been screaming at the top of his lungs that something was wrong, what exactly was he doing when all of this was going on? (RELATED: ‘Breaks My Heart’: Shannon Sharpe Slams Denver Broncos’ Losing Streak)

I’m sorry, but a professional football player shouldn’t have to freak out to get the attention of the referees so he can safely get his teammate out of the game who obviously had some sort of concussion. With that being said, Nelson Agholor is a real G for this, you can’t help but to give him mad respect for the way he looked out for Parker.

Normally, I’d hate the New England Patriots as a Miami Dolphins fan, but I’ve gotta show love to Nelson Agholor.

A real G, for sure.