Video Shows Police Officer Overdosing While Exposed To Fentanyl During Traffic Stop

[Public/Screenshot/YouTube — User: @News6WKMG]

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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A police officer in Tavares, Florida, overdosed and was transported to the hospital after being exposed to fentanyl at midnight Tuesday during a traffic stop.

Police said Officer Courtney Bannick placed the passenger into custody after finding narcotics, local CBS affiliate Click Orlando reported. She wore gloves as she handled the narcotics, according to police. As Bannick walked to her car, Corporal O’Shea heard Bannick choking on the radio. (RELATED: British IT Exec Dies Of Fentanyl Poisoning At Disney World: Report)

“When he walked to her vehicle to check on her, he observed her to be in and out of consciousness and needing immediate medical attention,” police said, according to Click Orlando.

Sgt. Mahaney and K-9 Handler Lt. Brown gave three doses of Narcan to Bannick, who is recovering at a hospital, Click Orlando reported.

“I have done this (100) times before the same way,” said Bannick. “It only takes one time and a minimal amount. I’m thankful I wasn’t alone and had immediate help.”

Bannick reportedly wants the video released so others can see fentanyl’s power, Detective Courtney Sullivan said.

“She doesn’t really remember very much. She remembers waking up and seeing everyone surrounding her. She remembers feeling like she could breathe. She said obviously it’s freaky to see her in such a lifeless state,” Sullivan said, according to click Orlando.

“If someone interacts with fentanyl, we have to have what it takes to bring them back from the brink of death,” Andrae Bailey, founder of The Opioid Project, told Click Orlando. “What worked a few years ago for law enforcement to protect them is probably not adequate today because the drugs continue to get more and more powerful.”