Lesbian Norwegian Actress Facing Up To Three Years In Prison For Saying Trans-Women Can’t Be Lesbians

Photo by Sajjad Hussain/AFP via Getty Images

Devan Bugbee Contributor
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Norwegian actress Tonje Gjevjon faces a possible three-year prison sentence over a Nov. 17 Facebook post saying that men cannot transition into lesbians.

Norwegian transgender activist Christine Jentoft singled out Gjevjon, who is herself a lesbian, after she accused transgenders of impersonating and appropriating lesbian and female identities, feminist news site Reduxx reported. It’s just as impossible for men to become lesbian as it is for men to become pregnant … Men are men regardless of their sexual fetishes,” Gjevjon wrote, according to the outlet.

Jentoft, who identifies as a female lesbian mother despite being born male, accused Gjevjon of targeted hate speech, a charge that reportedly carries up to three years behind bars. Gjevjon says she made the post to draw attention to Norway’s hate speech laws, the New York Post reported. (RELATED: ‘Protect The Children’: Arkansas Attorney General Says New Law Would Protect Kids From ‘Life-Altering’ Gender-Affirming Procedures)

Jentoft also allegedly accused Norwegian feminist activist Christina Ellingsen of the same crime in July after she reportedly wrote to her accuser saying, “You are a man. You cannot be a mother.” She faced the same three-year sentence if found guilty, Feminist Current noted.

“The majority of homosexual women/men are deeply concerned about this homophobic/misogynistic attack on lesbians,” Gjevjon, who identifies herself on social media as descended from “the witches they forgot to burn,” tweeted. “What we experience is an unacceptable [backlash] & whatever common fight the LGB(T) movement had, the inclusion of gendered identities in legislation has destroyed it.”