Famous Rapper Gunna May Have Thrown Rap Icon Under The Bus In Racketeering Case


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Famous rapper Gunna entered an Alford plea in Atlanta court Thursday, effectively pleading guilty to racketeering charges while maintaining his innocence.

The rapper was released from jail after serving time for his connection to the YSL — a music label founded by fellow Atlanta rapper Young Thug and rumored to have gang affiliations. Young Thug, whose real name is Jeffery Williams, remains incarcerated after being arrested in May as part of the same RICO bust that brought in Gunna and 26 others.

Social media instantly ignited, with fans criticizing Gunna — real name Sergio Kitchens — for allegedly rolling on Young Thug. Video footage from the courtroom shows Gunna admitting that YSL has street gang affiliations. Gunna’s confirmation that YSL is indeed a linked to gang activity is likely to impair Young Thug’s attempts to gain release from jail.

Cameras rolled as Gunna affirmed his consent to several statements read aloud by the Atlanta judge.

“I became affiliated with YSL around 2016, is that true as it pertains to you, Mr. Kitchens,” the judge asked the rapper.

“YSL is a music label and a gang and you have personal knowledge that members or associates of YSL have committed crimes…” the judge continued.

“Yes ma’am,” Gunna confirmed.

The judge went on to request more confirmations from Gunna, all of which put increased pressure on Young Thug’s case.

“You were present when law enforcement officers stopped the vehicle in which you were present along with Jeffery Williams where hydrocodone, methamphetamine and firearms were recovered. These items did not belong to you,” the judge said.

“Yes ma’am,” Gunna said.

“And do you acknowledge the following statement, ‘I recognize, accept and deeply regret that my talent and music indirectly furthered YSL the gang to the determinant of my community. YSL as a gang must end,'” the judge asked.

“Is that your statement or acknowledgement,” she asked the rapper.

Gunna took a deep breath, and responded “Yes.” (RELATED: Rapper Gunna Pleads Guilty In Racketeering Case)

The explosive testimony isn’t sitting well with fans, and many are calling Gunna a “rat” and a “snitch,” and calling him out for rolling on Young Thug. Gunna is now out of jail, with many angry fans and YSL members pointing a finger at him.

This comes at time when the rap community is seeing a sharp spike in gun violence.

24-year-old rapper JayDaYoungan was fatally shot in Louisiana in July, Aspiring rapper Rollie Bands was shot dead in front of his Tampa Bay apartment in July. FBG Cash was killed when gunfire erupted in Chicago, and Mariel Semonte Orr, known as Trouble, died after being shot in the chest at an apartment residence in Georgia.

Lil Uzi artist Lotta Cash Desto was killed in a shooting in Housto, while rappers PNB Rock, Snootie Wild and TDot Woo also succumbed to gunshot wounds, according to KYSDC.

In November, the rap community was shaken by the murder of Migos rapper Takeoff.