NBA Superstar Steph Curry Suffers Shoulder Injury During Loss

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Seth Roy Contributor
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Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry injured his left shoulder Wednesday night against the Indiana Pacers, head coach Steve Kerr told the press.

The four-time NBA champion’s shoulder appeared to dislocated as he attempted to knock the basketball away from the Pacers’ power forward, Jalen Smith. 

Video footage of the moment shows Curry immediately reaching towards his shoulder and hunching over in pain. He never returned to the game, and Indiana defeated the Warriors by six to drop the latter team to 14-15 on the season. 

Curry will have an MRI on Thursday to fully understand the extent of his injury, Kerr said during a press conference the game. 

If Curry were to go on and miss significant time with this injury, the Warriors will need somebody else on their roster to step up offensively. Curry ranks seventh in the league with his 30 points per game, according to ESPN. He is also leading the NBA in three pointers, with five on average each night. (RELATED: Charles Barkley Came So Close To Getting A Tattoo On Live TV)

I don’t believe there is any one player who can produce the numbers Curry does on the offensive end, but with a group effort I’m sure the Warriors could still figure out ways to win games and start moving towards the top of the Western Conference standings. Besides, they’re still the reigning NBA champions, and they have a roster loaded with other great players, such as Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole and Klay Thompson.

It’s time the Warriors prove how good they are. I’m confident they’d still be able to climb the standings, even without Curry.