Broncos Wide Receiver Jerry Jeudy Gets Smacked With Fine After Touching Official

Twitter/Screenshot/NFL Redzone via AdamSchefter

Seth Roy Contributor
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Denver Broncos wide-receiver Jerry Jeudy has been fined $36,281 by the National Football League for his on-field temper tantrum Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs. 

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Jeff Legwold, Jeudy is being fined $23,020 for making contact with an official plus another $13,261 for removing his helmet during the Broncos’ six-point loss on their home field. 

He told reporters after the game that he thought the refs missed a holding call on the play that preceded the outburst. “I feel like at that point, I was just held, and that should’ve been called,” Jeudy said, according to Yahoo! Sports.

Regardless, this kind of behavior from a so-called “professional” is whacky and immature. You would think Jeudy would do a better job at holding his composure together knowing that millions of eyeballs are on him and the team every week for their games. Jeudy seems to agree. “I have to know how to control my anger and just move on from there,” he told reporters, per Yahoo! Sports.

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I’m all for referees being called out on their bad penalty calls, but when a player forcefully makes contact with an official who’s there to do a job like anyone else in the world who works, that player deserves to be hit with a steep penalty. I’m glad the NFL stepped in and did something over Jeudy acting maniacal. There’s no place in sports for this kind of aggression toward referees. 

Jeudy’s meltdown was very, very childish. He’s lucky he didn’t get ejected from the game!