Listen To The Most Painfully Awkward Two Minutes As Richard Sherman Clashes With Host On Live Radio Show

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Andrew Powell Contributor
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This was absolutely awkward — and yet incredibly entertaining.

Richard Sherman may no longer be in the National Football League, but he’s still holding on to what people said about him during his playing days, especially when he left the Seattle Seahawks — a team he won a Super Bowl with.

The former Seahawks cornerback appeared on the “Brock and Salk” radio show on Dec. 14 for an interview after former teammate K.J. Wright, who is featured on the Seattle program in a weekly segment, invited him.

Sherman immediately was confrontational with co-host Mike Salk while on air, bluntly telling the co-host he had a problem with him over one of his questions.

“First off, I remember when I exited here, and I remember I heard some words from you that were a lot different than I had heard when I was here,” Sherman said to Salk. “I’m gonna answer the questions from Brock and K.J., but we’re gonna excuse you out of this.”

The interview fell apart from there, and as a fan of crash content, it was so fantastically entertaining.

Now, I’m not exactly sure what Salk said that pissed off Sherman so much. Sherman seemed to be pissed off about Salk talking about him differently after he left Seattle, and I also read a piece this morning that talked about Salk’s past criticism of Sherman, so I guess there’s some ground for Sherman to talk his ish.

On the other hand, as a sports blogger and somebody who gets paid to talk my own ish (just like Salk gets paid to talk his), I’m not going to hate on Salk either. Hey, Sherman’s nonsense in the past is simply content to people like me and Salk. Sherman must understand that now, since he is currently working in the media for Amazon Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football. (RELATED: Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel Wears ‘I Wish It Were Colder’ T-Shirt Heading Into Buffalo Bills Game)

Personally though, I have no interest in picking a side for two reasons: First, I see both sides in this whole ordeal, and second, I like both guys. And let’s throw a third in there: I view this as beautiful sports entertainment crash content.

And speaking of the content, I want to thank both of these guys for it.

Richard Sherman for being Richard Sherman, and Mike Salk for being a witty sarcastic asshole (in a positive way).

Thanks, guys.