Texas Legislators Introduce Bill Banning Diversity, Equity And Inclusion Programs At Public Universities

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Texas legislators introduced a bill Friday banning diversity, equity, and inclusion at institutions of higher education.

The bill states that each public higher education institution, “shall adopt a policy detailing students’ rights and responsibilities regarding expressive activities at the institution,” including a commitment to “intellectual freedom” and “viewpoint diversity.” 

The bill also adds that higher education institutions shall prohibit the “funding, promotion, sponsorship, or support of any office of diversity, equity, and inclusion” and “any office that funds, promotes, or supports an initiative or formulation of diversity, equity, and inclusion beyond what is necessary to uphold the equal protection of the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.” (RELATED: Newly Conservative California School Board Bans Critical Race Theory In First Meeting)

The bill also prohibits “the endorsement or dissuasion of, or interference with, any lifestyle, race, sex, religion, or culture.” Additionally, the bill notes that higher education institutions have a “general responsibility” to “foster a diversity of viewpoints” and “maintain political, social, and cultural neutrality,” according to the legislation.

Any person can bring an action for “injunctive relief” against the university to get them to comply. If this is applied, the court must provide “reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs to the person” who wants to bring the action for injunctive relief, according to the legislation. The university must pay the fees and costs from the “budget of the office.”