Biden’s Eighth In-Person Interview Of His Presidency Is Substance-Free

Screenshot/YouTube/The Drew Barrymore Show

Diana Glebova White House Correspondent
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President Joe Biden sat down for a rare one-on-one, in-person sit-down interview with actress Drew Barrymore to talk about his relationship with first lady Jill Biden and to play a newlywed-style game.

By the Daily Caller’s count, the president has had eight one-on-one, in-person sit-down interviews throughout his presidency so far, including with CBS, 60 Minutes, MSNBC, CNN, NBC, Jimmy Kimmel and professor Heather Cox Richardson. Joe Biden has also had the least amount of press conferences of any president this century, with many of them limited to a few questions.

Barrymore recorded the interview with the Bidens at the White House, thanking the president repeatedly for his policies and saying he’s a “beacon of hope.” Her questions did not touch upon any of his politics.

The president described how his relationship with Jill Biden evolved — from falling in love with her at first sight, to proposing to her five times. The Bidens have told the story numerous other times.

Joe Biden, who was a senator at the time, met Jill on a blind date set up by his brother. The senator had lost his wife and daughter in a car accident years before, and was raising his two sons as a single father.

“When I went out with her the first time, I knew this was the woman. I really did,” Joe Biden told Barrymore. “Only twice in my life have I ever fallen in love, and both times, I knew immediately.”

Jill Biden was a teacher and was getting past a divorce when she met Joe Biden.

“I once asked her, I said, ‘How can you marry me, knowing how much I’d loved my first wife?’ She said, ‘you loved that deeply and you can love that way again,'” the president said.

Joe Biden’s sons, Beau and Hunter, who were 6 and 7 years old at the time, played a big role in getting the couple to get married, he added.

One day his sons came to him and said, “we think we should marry Jill,” he described. Biden added that he had to propose to Jill Biden five times before she finally agreed.

Barrymore then asked the first family to play a newlywed-style game, in which she asked Joe Biden questions about his wife. The actress asked him what Jill Biden’s favorite room in the house is, her favorite snack and her least favorite habit of the president. (RELATED: Biden Family Excludes Hunter Biden’s Daughter From Christmas Stockings Two Years In A Row)

Jill Biden revealed that her least favorite Joe Biden habit is leaving his reading light on after he goes to bed.

“I’m so excited and I’m looking back at 2022 with such fondness,” Barrymore said, before thanking the first family and touring the White House Christmas decorations.