James Cameron Appears To Give Fans The Middle Finger After ‘Avatar’ Screening


Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Director James Cameron disappointed fans Saturday by ignoring their requests for autographs as he exited the WGA building in Beverly Hills, then appearing to flip them the bird.

Video footage shows fans swarming around the famous director in hopes of catching a personal response from him, or getting an autograph, but things didn’t quite turn out the way they expected. The excited buzz from the crowd quickly turned into boos and chants of “fuck Avatar!” when Cameron blew past his fans without stopping to greet or acknowledge them in any way, according to TMZ. He seemed to aggravate the situation by appearing to stick his middle finger out of the car window as he was being whisked away.

Cameron’s film, “Avatar: Way of Water,” was released Dec. 16 but didn’t generate the box office numbers many expected, according to TMZ. Rather than showing love to his fans, Cameron decided to ignore all the cell phones that were being held up as they recorded the moment.

He walked through the crowd like a man on a mission to disappear and jumped into his awaiting SUV as quickly as he could. Cameron didn’t even throw a glance at the crowd that had gathered. (RELATED: James Cameron Makes Tone Deaf Comments Conflicting With Premise Of His Highly Anticipated Movie)

Someone from the group called Cameron an “asshole.” Cameron was swiftly driven away from the crowd.