Russian Military Debuts Pop Song Threatening Nuclear Strike On Adversaries

Public/Screenshot: Youtube

Alyssa Blakemore Contributor
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Russia’s defense ministry released a propaganda pop song Saturday celebrating the country’s nuclear arsenal and fantasizing about the destruction of the United States and NATO.

The song and music video, called “Sarmatushka,” was published by, the propaganda branch of the Russian military, according to Business Insider. The four-and-a-half-minute music video features images of Russia’s Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile being test fired as well as footage of Russian soldiers, the outlet noted. (RELATED: ‘No To War’: Russian Celebrities Turning On Putin)

Russia announced the first successful test launch of the Sarmat in April. Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded the weapon’s ability to “reliably ensure Russia’s security from external threats and provide food for thought for those who, in the heat of frenzied aggressive rhetoric, try to threaten our country.”

“Sarmatushka,” performed by pro-Putin Russian singer Denis Maidanov, represents the latest in a series of overt threats against the West, Task and Purpose reported. The song’s Saturday debut was part of the nation’s Strategic Missile Forces Day celebrations, according to the outlet.

In the song’s catchy chorus, backed by a military band, Maidanov sings, “From Mother Russia Sarmats are staring into the distance / at the United States,” according to translation cited in Task and Purpose.

Maidanov sings of the Sarmat, “Its will is stronger than the Ural Mountains / It’ll scatter our enemies to dust in an instant / It’s ready to carry out the sentence / The US’s air defense is no hindrance to it / It’s not scared of sanctions /cFor the Sarmat there’s only pleasure / To disturb NATO’s dreams.”

The song’s glorification of the Sarmat comes after Putin promised on Dec. 9 to launch “hundreds of missiles” in response to any Western missile attack.