Detransitioner Becomes Emotionally Distraught While Discussing Lawsuit Over Her Mastectomy

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Nicole Silverio Media Reporter
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A detransitioner appeared emotionally distraught in a Tuesday discussion about her lawsuit against professionals who approved her double mastectomy.

Camille Kiefel, 32, is suing social worker Amy Ruff, therapist Mara Burmeister and their clinics in Oregon — Brave Space Oregon and the Quest Center for Integrative Health — for approving the surgery after attending two Zoom meetings in 2020. She called the approval of the surgery and the belief that she was “non-binary” an “abhorrent misdiagnosis.”

Kiefel appeared distressed and at a loss for words in the Tuesday night interview with Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson. Carlson allowed her to collect her thoughts and moved to her attorney, Lauren Adams Bone, who explained their fight against the alleged violation of “professional ethical standards.”

“This case is about mental health providers who breached their duty of care and violated the professional ethical standards of the state of Oregon, leading to irreparable harm to Camille and doing so by making false representations to medicate,” Bone said.

She alleged that the medical professionals failed to uphold proper medical standards by removing two of Kiefel’s “healthy body parts.” Kiefel alleged that Ruff and Burmeister approved the procedure based on the gender ideology that has largely entered the medical field in recent years. (RELATED: Famous Transgender Navy SEAL Chris Beck Announces Detransition, Calls For Treatment On Kids To Stop)

“I think they were highly influenced by an ideology and that has no place in our medical system,” Kiefel said. “And had they looked at the underlying health issues which, as those resolved, I realized that I was not non-binary, that I was a woman all along and had been dealing with trauma, that I would’ve never needed this surgery. And so they have a responsibility to their patients to look at things from a nuanced perspective and not be influenced by ideology.”

Kiefel previously testified at the Oct. 28 Florida Boards of Medicine hearing that she suffered from “severe mental illness” and trauma after her best friend was raped by her brother.

“I had a trauma history: when I was in sixth grade my best friend had been raped by her brother,” she testified. “Being a girl meant I was vulnerable, I started to present more masculine. This should have been a red flag, yet within months of requesting top surgery, it was performed on me.”

CBS News interviewed 30 people in 2021 who had detransitioned and regretted their hormonal and sex change procedures. The majority described how easily and quickly they were approved for mastectomies and other irreversible surgeries. One woman told the outlet that she was approved for a mastectomy after undergoing testosterone procedures for just four months.

A peer-reviewed study published in October found a nearly 400% increase in mastectomies and “top surgeries” performed on children. Between 2016 and 2019, an estimated 1,130 chest reconstruction surgeries were performed on children under the age of 18, despite a lack of research regarding these life-changing procedures.