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Elite Rentals Dubai Makes Dubai a Small World With a Fleet of Luxury Cars

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You cannot always imagine the challenges of getting around when going to a new location for work or vacation. If you are not used to public transport, you may find it hard to navigate the area, and it can become inconvenient and time-consuming. But what if you rent a car? Elite Rentals Dubai is a company serving both Dubai residents and other visitors.

Elite Rentals Dubai is a Dubai-based car rental company founded and owned by Kristan de Graaf and Julian de Graaf. The duo has become a household name for their incredible work in the city. As a team, they have transformed the car rental industry  by making it fast and simple to rent a car regardless of whether you’re a celebrity or tourist.

Elite Rentals Dubai expanded under the leadership of its two founders, Kristan de Graaf and Julian de Graaf. The company now has a fleet of 67 cars. The list includes Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, McLaren, and some of the world’s most luxurious car brands. According to the founders, the fleet consists of super and luxury cars. Each is priced at an average of 1.5 AED million. Elite Rentals Dubai’s cars are valued at 100 million AED in total. Additionally, the company is growing annually and is expected to become a multibillion company in the next few years.

Elite Rentals Dubai has become a go-to rental destination for high-class residents and visitors. Julian and Kristan de Graaf have proved to the world their entrepreneurial skills and have earned a stellar reputation in Dubai. They were also named the best entrepreneurs in the Middle East multiple times. But how did they get where they are?

Julian and Kristan de Graaf didn’t have the best background. The duo had a troubled past, and no one thought they would make it as entrepreneurs. Kristan had a gambling addiction that he struggled to overcome. Hitting rock bottom was the turning point in his life and inspired him to start an exclusive car rental, which proved an excellent decision.

The duo today advises other aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their passion and reach their goals. According to them, you should not let other people determine what you can or cannot do. If you have a dream, set out to achieve it. They also tell people to not hang out with losers but with people who look up to them. As part of their secrets, Julian and Kristan de Graaf tell people to set long-term goals and execute the steps to get there one by one.

Although Elite Rentals Dubai is an already established company in Dubai, the owners still dream big. They want to expand it to have a fleet of 200 supercars by 2025. And with their determination, they will get there.

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