Ex-WWE Superstar Mandy Rose Allegedly Made Half A Million On FanTime Since Her Departure From The Company

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Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose is doing very well since the wrestling company fired her last Wednesday. 

Rose’s agent, Malki Kawa, told TMZ on Tuesday that the former WWE NXT champion has raked in an astonishing $500,000 on her FanTime page in the six days since her firing. Kawa says Rose has been posting sexy content for her FanTime subscribers, who are reportedly paying $40 per month to see her strut her stuff. 

I haven’t seen it myself, of course, but Rose is said to have posted steamy, R-rated content in a shower with her fiancé, Tino Sabbatelli, in the past, to help paint the picture of what sort of posts she puts out on the OnlyFans-like subscription platform.

Morally, I don’t believe posting half naked or fully naked content online for the entire world to see is the greatest way to make a dollar, but making half a million of them in less than one week is unheard of! It just goes to show that Rose does not need WWE to get by or to be successful.

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$500,000 is a shit ton of money. A lot of people will never see that sort of cash inside their banking accounts ever in their entire lives. For Rose to have made this much money in a single week is just incredible, if you ask me. If she can make hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars from her FanTime page, I don’t see why she would ever return to wrestling, honestly.

Pro wrestling is a lot harder on the human body than posting nudes, after all, and Rose is likely making much more money from this scandalous content than she ever was as a wrestler. Financially speaking, her gorgeous looks will get her by for the rest of time, so why would she ever go back and risk getting hurt?

I personally thought she was a great NXT champion, but it seems like she is too far gone to ever return to the business of professional wrestling.

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