James Cameron Suggests Matt Damon May Appear In Future ‘Avatar’ Project

Screenshot/YouTube/BBC Radio 1

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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James Cameron said Matt Damon should appear in future “Avatar” projects during a recent interview with BBC Radio.

The famous director spoke about his journey through the “Avatar” franchise and was asked to comment on Damon’s infamous 2019 revelation to the press that he had lost out on $290 million by turning down the lead role. At the time, Damon informed fans that he was offered 10% of the original 2009 film’s profits. Cameron joked about Damon’s missed opportunity, but when he was asked if he’d welcome Damon back to “Avatar” in the future, Cameron was immediately agreeable.

“Must do it. We have to do it so that the world is in equilibrium again,” the director said. “But he doesn’t get 10%, fuck that.”


Cameron’s enthusiastic response was visible on camera. He spoke fondly about Damon and about why things didn’t work out between them the first time around.

The famous director admitted he would have loved to have Damon on board for the original film, “But he had to do another Bourne film which was on his runway and there was nothing he could do about that,” he said. “So he had to regretfully decline,” Cameron said about the missed opportunity. (RELATED: James Cameron Appears To Give Fans The Middle Finger After ‘Avatar’ Screening)

Cameron commented on Damon’s success in his own right. “He’s beating himself up over this,” he said. “And I really think you know, ‘Matt — you’re kind of like one of the biggest movie stars in the world, get over it,'” he joked.

Time will tell if Damon will take Cameron up on his offer to appear in future “Avatar” films.