Massachusetts Veteran Wins Lottery Prize For Life Six Different Times

(Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

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A Massachusetts man and Vietnam-era veteran won six for-life lottery prizes in a drawing Dec. 14.

For 20 years, Raymond Roberts Sr. played the same numbers — a combination of birthdays and anniversaries — in various multiple draw games, according to a press release from the Massachusetts State Lottery.

His commitment paid off in a big way Wednesday, when Roberts decided to play the same numbers on multiple Lucky for Life tickets that he purchased at Royal Liquors in Fall River, Massachusetts. Not only did Roberts win the prize of $25,000 for life, he did it six times after matching the first five numbers on six different tickets. (RELATED: Woman Wins $175,000 From Scratch-Off Lottery Ticket In Office Gift Exchange)

The odds of matching five winning numbers once in the Lucky For Life drawing are one in 1.8 million, according to the game’s webpage. Roberts said he was led to purchase and play his numbers by “intuition.”

Roberts claimed his winnings at the Massachusetts State Lottery Headquarters on Dec. 15, the press release continued. For the first five prizes, he chose the $390,000 cash option, totaling $1,950,000 before taxes. For the sixth prize, Roberts went with the annuity option, which means he will receive $25,000 (before taxes) yearly, for a minimum of 20 years.

Roberts told lottery officials he plans to use a portion of his winnings to buy a motorcycle.