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Instant Knockout Review: Is This The Best Fat Burner For Men

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Instant Knockout is a very male focused fat burner in terms of it’s marketing, that’s not to say it’s not going to work for women at all, just that it’s quite high on some ingredients that women are more sensitive to and could cause a little bit of digestive distress. This is ultimately what makes instant knockout cut a good option for men.

It’s picked up quite a few accolades from the fitness and health industry over the years including most recently winning best fat burner for men from both Center TRT and Barbend in 2022.

The product was originally developed for MMA fighters to take before weigh ins to make sure they’d lost enough weight, but ideally kept muscle mass before a fight. Ultimately it’s quite a stimulant heavy weight loss aid and works best for men who are training, although it should still have benefits, just not nearly as many as some of the ingredients do double up by increasing work out performance, thus helping you burn more calories that way too.

The customer reviews of instant knockout are generally pretty solid by the standards of the fat burner industry, although there are always going to be some complaints from people expecting a miracle pill, not a 15-20% boost to their weight loss rate.

All in all instant knockout fat burner is a solid product and we can see why it’s well liked, they keep the formula relatively simple, with well backed ingredients that are well known to work whilst avoid anything unproven.

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Customers Instant Knockout Reviews

As previously mentioned the customer reviews of instant knockout are pretty positive and with it being around for the best part of a decade there are a lot of instant knockout before and after photos and customer testimonials. We always take the latter with a pinch of salt, but they do hold more than a 4* average on most third party review sites which aren’t curated by the weight loss supplement themselves.

Instant Knockout Side Effects

Instant knockout shouldn’t have any serious side effects, unless you’re particularly sensitive to caffeine, which is of course a given. As a result you can expect the same side effects that you’d get from caffeine, but beyond that it should be fine excluding any allergies to specific ingredients. Most common is mild nausea which can be mitigated by taking instant knockout with food.

Is Instant Knockout Safe?

Instant Knockout is made in GCMG approved facilities, as a natural supplement it isn’t directly regulated by the FDA, but is still beholden to US production standards and 3rd party testing requirements. Instnat Knockout cut has been on the market for a decade and is one of the most popular fat burners out there. In that time there have been no claims against them. In short, instant knockout is safe.

Other Instant Knockout Products

Instant Knockout do also make a meal replacement shake which is designed to help more with appetite control although it’s not essential. It tastes good and is honestly a preferential option to huel black, but is quite expensive.

Instant Knockout Ingredients

Vitamin D3 45 mcg – Whilst it’s not a staple of fat burner supplements it really should be, vitamin d helps keep energy levels high and has been shown to increase athletic performance when in a calorie deficit and outside of it. Interestingly it’s been tested up to 5000x the recommended daily minimum and has shown consistent and near linear increases in performance. That means it helps you move more, and if you move more, you burn more calories. Simple.

Vitamin B6 5 mg and vitamin b12 10mg – B vitamins in general are quite common in fat burning supplements and instant knockout is no exception, they are essential in helping you body oxidise fat as well as boosting energy levels, this is extra important when you’re in a caloric deficit because our bodies naturally try to conserve energy so loading up on b vitamins and caffeine is a good way to help mitigate this so you don’t slow your weight loss without realising it.

Glucomannan 1800 mg – Glucomannan is an interesting ingredient and in some countries is one of only a few that you’re actually allowed to make weight loss claims on in adverts. The way it works is quite simple, 1800mg swells up to about the size of a bagel once it reaches your stomach. This makes you feel full and as a result you’re less likely to overeat. It’s pretty simple and well backed. It won’t do anything if you eat exactly the same as you did before taking the supplement, but it’s designed to support what you’re doing, not do it for you. A good inclusion in instant knockout. It doesn’t really work in daily doses of less than 1000mg which you’ll see in some cheaper supplements.

Green Tea Extract 500 mg – Green tea extract has a modest impact on thermogenesis, and accounts for a slight increase in your base line metabolism, it’s quite common in more established fat burning supplements, it’s probably the worst ingredient in instant knockout, but that’s not to say it’s bad at all. Just that it probably makes the least difference of the ingredients in instant knockout.

Caffeine Anhydrous 300 mg – This is caffeine, it’s the equivalent of about 3 strong cups of coffee, but without the calories. There’s a couple of reasons why this is a good inclusion in the instant knockout supplement, and that’s it suppresses appetite for about 4 hours after taking it in a dose of 100mg, this works well with how instant knockout is supposed to be taken. It also boosts energy levels, keeping you moving, improves workout performance and lastly caffeine raises your core body temperature helping you burn more calories even when static. Although this is only about 50-100 extra calories a day, every little helps when you’re getting to the lower end of body fat percentage.

L-Theanine 100 mg – L Theanine has a couple of benefits when it comes to fat loss, it’s not so much that it does a great deal for fat burning, although it has some benefit there, it’s more that it helps reduce cravings and induces a feeling of fullness.

Cayenne Powder 100 mg – Cayenne pepper extract or capsaicin raises your metabolic rate slightly, it’s not a huge difference, but when combined with all of the other instant knockout ingredients it’s a nice extra. Another 50 calories a day on top of everything else does help spee dup the weight loss journey.

Bioperine 10mg – Bioperine is a black pepper extract it doesn’t actually do anything to give you more energy or help you burn fat, but it does make it easier for the body to absorb the other ingredients in the supplement and helps instant knockout work.

Editors Instant Knockout Review (Personal Experience)

If you take it right it works quite well, I do the whole bulk and cut thing, so I’ve had a few times dropping weight and have done it both with IK and without, and with alternatives. It’s a solid product, works best if you take it about an hour before food. If you know how it works this is ideal for the caffeine and the glucomannan to suppress appetite so you don’t overeat and stick to your diet. The extra bit of energy it gives you is good and generally I’ve preferred it over other fat burners for men. The ingredients list is pretty simple, well backed and all in all it’s a good combined supplement.

Instant Knockout Review Conclusion

Instant knockout is a good fat burner for men, it’s OK for women, but there are better options available like Hourglass fit or Leanbean as these avoid a couple of the ingredients that women are more sensitive too, swapping them out for 5htp which is generally an effective craving suppressant, an issue more common with women than men. We recommend Instant Knockout as a way to help you stick to your diet and burn a few extra calories whilst training. It’s not a miracle pill, but will definitely speed up the weight loss process making it an excellent supplement for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to cut body fat whilst retaining muscle in particular. If used correctly Instant Knockout will definitely help you lose weight.

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