J.J. Watt Shuts Down Hater Who Called Him ‘Fake’ With Proof From 25 Years Ago

(Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

Kay Smythe News and Commentary Writer
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Arizona Cardinals’ defensive end and actual real-life superhuman J.J. Watt shut down a hater Wednesday on Twitter.

“Just be real, don’t be fake,” Watt quoted the hater next to a laughing emoji. “Please, tell me more about my own life…” he sarcastically asked in response, attaching a photograph of what appears to be one of his elementary school yearbooks or perhaps a newspaper clipping.

The caption reads, “J.J. Watt, 7 — ‘Reggie White. He’s a really good football player. They played really good on Monday. I want to be a football player.”

There’s nothing more pathetic than a random person on the internet trolling someone inherently more successful than them for what they do professionally. It is, however, absolutely hilarious to those of us who have to deal with these haters, as Watt clearly does!

Watt’s legend has been on the rise both within the world of football and for laymen like me for quite some time. The most insane story of Watt’s came in October of this year, when his heart had to be shocked back into rhythm and yet he was back playing four days later. (RELATED: Pro Golfer And His Team Celebrate Big Tournament Win In Most Irish Way Possible)

It’s no surprise he’s almost always called in for “random drug tests” every 3 sack game, as Sports Illustrated noted. The man is a tank, talented as heck and really good at making fun of himself and others. I can’t wait to see Watt this man has in store for 2023 (get it…?)