‘What The F*ck Are We Doing?’: Rogan Says People Are Treating Trans Like A Protected Class

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan said Wednesday people are being forced to treat transgender individuals as members of a “protected class.”

During his latest episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” Rogan said he supports people being able to express themselves “however they want,” but then noted a recent story involving domestic violence.

“There was a story that I was reading … about this woman that brutally murdered and raped this woman and about how unusual it is for a woman to brutally rape and murder another woman. Well, it turns out it’s not a woman. Trans woman, but they have to call it a woman. So they’re saying it’s a woman,” Rogan said, before saying it is “bananas” to call this person a woman.

“No, it was his ex that was his ex-girlfriend that he killed so he murdered and raped. He was a man at the time he was dating her like to say, oh it’s so unusual for a woman to do that. Like what kind of game are we playing?”

While it’s unclear which specific case Rogan is referring to, a case with similar attributes made headlines recently after Amber McLaughlin asked Republican Missouri Gov. Mike Parson to end the death row sentence. McLaughlin was convicted of killing Beverly Guenther on Nov. 20. Amber was still a man at the time of the murder and identified as Scott.

Rogan then referenced another case in which a transgender woman killed his mother but was sent to a woman’s prison where he then raped and impregnated two women. (RELATED: ‘If They’re Able To Keep Sh*t From Us’: Rogan Says JFK Files ‘Must Be Bad’)

Rogan appears to be referring to Demi Minor, who fatally stabbed their foster father in 2011 at the age of 16. Minor, who identifies as a woman, was sent to prison where Minor impregnated two female inmates.

Rogan then played a clip from a comedian who joked he supports trans women in women sports so long as he could make bets.

Rogan said some people would call the joke “transphobic.” (RELATED: Lesbian Norwegian Actress Facing Up To Three Years In Prison For Saying Trans-Women Can’t Be Lesbians)

The podcaster then added that trans people are put in a “protected class” and “you can’t even criticize them even if they’re murdered, even if they’ve brutally raped and murdered their ex-girlfriend, you still have to call them a woman. Even if they were a man at the time but you still have to call them a woman. It’s very rare for a woman to do this, is it?” Rogan said mockingly. “Is it also rare for a woman to have a dick?”

“What the fuck are we doing?” Rogan added.