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How Korean Immigrant Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini Defied The Odds To Live The American Dream

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Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini is the CEO of Lush Enterprises LLC, a successful options trading investment company she runs with her husband. The 61-year-old entrepreneur is also a published author, mentor, and life coach and takes time out of her busy schedule to go on an expensive vacation to enjoy the good things life has brought her way. But that’s not how the story began.

It began some 61 years ago when Sun Yong was born in Korea. From the moment she took her first breath, it was as if life seemed like one bad experience after another. She grew up in an orphanage, having lost her mother at birth and never knowing who her father was. That is all she knew about her birth family, aside from her sister, who grew up with her at the orphanage.

Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini lived in the orphanage until her teenage years when an American couple adopted her and added her to a large extended family in the US.  Although her life took a step up, life was still challenging for the 14-year-old until she graduated high school and studied nursing at the University of Utah.

Even though she struggled with learning English, she decided to do her best instead of making excuses.

“I decided it was a huge opportunity for me to make a difference in my life,” she says. “And so I told myself, ‘I am going to do the best I can and study hard, and make sure they won’t be disappointed in me.’”

For Sun Yong, she was always deeply concerned about making her adopted parents proud of her, and she wanted to prove that she could adapt and fit into any environment with a family. For every sweat that flowed from her body and the years of toil, hard work, and abuse she went through, the tide did turn for Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini.

Today, her life is a success story we can read about and celebrate of someone who came from the brink of despair to take the front seat as a successful entrepreneur living the American dream. From not having good food to eat to become a multimillionaire entrepreneur, Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini admits she’s just grateful for the things life has handed her.

That is why she’s committed to empowering young entrepreneurs by teaching them the skills she learned in options trading. Her goal is to use her experience and money-making skills to help and influence others positively.

Through her expertise, Sun Yong and her husband, Mike, devote their time, resources, and skills to helping others through life coaching and options trading advice.

In particular, being a single mother raising four kids, Sun Yong is concerned about the challenges that single mothers and retirees face in their lives. That is why she regularly makes educative videos for her over 138,000 active YouTube subscribers.

Sun Yong regularly uploads educational videos to help people understand how to succeed in entrepreneurship, using Sun Yong is the author of the book, ‘The Unique MIRACLE System: the seven-step formula in investing and has also co-authored a book on relationships with her husband, ‘Opposite/Opposites:  How to Stay Together When You Are so Different.

In particular, Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini is concerned about helping single mothers make a decent living for themselves. Being a single mother who raised her kids alone most of the time without the support of her husband, she fully understands the hardship that single mothers face, especially if they don’t have a job or business.

“I thought I could help people make money,” she says. “Single mothers and single dads don’t have to work as hard as I, so they could stay home with the kids. And then, I could help retired people make money, so they are not on a fixed income. They could have enough money to last them.”

It’s one thing to hold on to your dreams and believe the best could come out of life when the evidence around you speaks to the contrary. However, in times like that, when it seems like no hope is left, you can still hang on to hope. Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini always wanted a decent home and a good family life. Thanks to persistence and determination, she’s now living the best of both worlds.”

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