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Runway Waiters: How this company became the go-to event staffing agency of the world’s biggest brands

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There is an undeniable relationship between beauty and luxury. When a prestigious brand like Tom Ford, Rolls Royce, or Versace holds an event, the supporting staff needs to align with the brand’s image. This is where Runway Waiters comes in.

Headquartered on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA, Runway Waiters is a luxury model staffing company that works exclusively with models signed by the world’s top agencies. In addition to the Los Angeles area, Runway Waiters serves San Francisco, New York, Miami, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas.

The models who work with this company are much more than pretty faces. They are powerhouses of smarts, skills, and experience. Runway Waiters also offers its models unique opportunities based on a niche business model. As these models find themselves in upscale surroundings, they can network with executives, photographers, brand owners, designers, and even casting directors. It is an avenue to earn supplemental income while cultivating invaluable network connections.

High-end events can apply to different industries, so Runway Waiters understands the importance of providing a highly versatile staff. The agency offers talent for catering, bartending, in-store events, promotional street teams, car unveilings, trade shows, open houses for multi-million-dollar real estate listings, and even celebrity parties.

Like many other businesses, Runway Waiters did experience some growing pains. One of its biggest challenges was convincing agencies to permit their models to work as servers and bartenders. Yet, Runway Waiters was prompt to make them realize that their models’ career potentials would be enhanced rather than diminished through this avenue.

Runway Waiters aspires to become synonymous with luxury model staffing and the go-to company for high-end events. When a 5-star hotel holds its grand opening or a yacht club has a fundraiser in the Hamptons, this boutique agency wants to be the only phone call that models and event organizers make when it comes to staffing. The best brands are looking for the best talent, and Runway Waiters is ready to exceed even the highest of expectations.