‘Pikachu’ Dog Steals The Show At NBA Game


Seth Roy Contributor
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A dog spray painted as Pikachu from the hit Pokémon franchise stole the show at an NBA game on Monday night.

I’m not sure the puppy signed off on this paint job, but the dog sure does look cute if you ask me.

I for one don’t think I could ever dye my dog’s hair. It could irritate the poor pooch’s skin for all I know. It’s something I personally would never do, but if the owner’s intention was to get the television cameras pointed at him and have his dog go viral on the internet, then he succeeded.

That said, I don’t think I have ever seen a dog at an NBA game before. Never in my 20 years plus of being a fan of this league have I seen a dog hanging out courtside the way that Pikachu was here. I have seen dogs jump through hula hoops at halftime and run around and do all sorts of athletic silly stuff before in the past, but never have I seen a dog just chilling in attendance the way this dog was. I never knew it was even allowed, actually. Service dog, maybe? Who knows.

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As for the game itself, the Miami Heat took care of business on their home court against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Their 113-110 victory got their record to .500 on the season, bumping them up to 17-17.

Maybe the Pikachu dog can be used as the Miami Heat’s team mascot moving forward since their team has been average at best this season.