WWE-Style Brawl Breaks Out In A Waffle House

[Twitter/Screenshot/Public — User: @rbaylor_74]

Andrew Powell Contributor
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The entertainment value is absolutely incredible here.

We had chairs flying, glass getting smashed, people falling off counters in hilarious fashion, beautiful hooks being thrown, it was absolute chaos at an Austin, Texas Waffle House Dec. 22 after a WWE-style brawl broke out.

Check out the beautiful crash content:

As you can see, I decided to rock with WWE in my headline like Twitter user @rbaylor_74, but I was real tempted to put AEW with how chaotic everything was. You know how WWE is polished and AEW is more gritty?

You can see why I was tempted, but at the same time, this looks like some classic brawl out of WWE’s Attitude Era.

I mean, look at this art, this is some top quality product that Vince McMahon used to put out in the 90’s:

That caption though.

And you might have to get UFC and boxing involved here as well, just check out these wonderful hooks:

It’s almost like this brawl was a hardcore version of the Royal Rumble, which actually sounds like a fantastic idea that WWE should consider. (RELATED: WWE Legend ‘Hacksaw’ Jim Duggan Wrestles Alleged Home Invader, Holds Gun To Him Until Police Arrive)

I’d love to see 30 men (and women in their match) fight each other for a title shot and have a bunch of weapons involved. I want glass getting smashed over everybody’s heads like when Alexa Bliss just recently turned heel on Bianca Belair, and just like the Waffle House employee busted on that one chick’s elbow.

Now I’m incredibly amp’d over the upcoming Royal Rumble and Bray Wyatt storyline.

Thanks, Waffle House people. (Maybe WWE should consider signing these gals)