Lost Drake Lyrics Found In Dumpster

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Leena Nasir Entertainment Reporter
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Lost lyrics written by famous rapper Drake are now up for sale after being found in a dumpster.

The lyrics were reportedly penned by Drake during his teenage years, before his rise to fame as one of the biggest stars in the music scene. The papers found in the dumpster are considered to be a valuable piece of music history that many fans would love to add to their collection, according to TMZ. Autograph and memorabilia auction house Moments In Time has listed them for sale for $20,000.

A representative from Moments In Time shared the story behind the valuable lyrics and how they connected to Drake’s humble beginnings. The representative explained that Drake had a job working in his uncle’s furniture factory in Memphis when he was a young boy. The lyrics were pulled from the dumpster when the factory closed down.

The lyrics appear unpolished and were written in poetic lines. “Plates / passed around for collection / Raising money for cheap cell phones with no reception,” are among the lyrics the now-famous artist put down on paper. (RELATED: Bob Marley’s Grandson Dead At Age 31)

Fans with a passion for Drake’s music will appreciate the song “Come Spring,” which appears on the newly discovered papers and seems to be an early version of the song “Come Winter” from his 2006 mixtape “Room For Improvement,” according to TMZ.

The local Toronto phone number for a woman named “Sylvia” was also written on one of the pages, according to TMZ.

Drake is now one of the biggest musicians on the scene. He ranked #3 globally for most streams in 2022, and dropped two No.1 albums the same year.